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-Urban Adolescence

-NYC Cyclers

-Youth Climate Strike


Displayed at Bushwick Community Darkroom

Urban Adolescence by Sam Mackey explores the lifestyle of the urban youth backed by notions of self-sufficiency and freedom. These photographs inspect the individuals as both inhabitants and products of their environment. Often taking on adult-like roles, these adolescents develop a tight grasp on responsibility at a young age. Differing drastically from suburban life where children are closely supervised, these youths are trusted to discover life on their own. While the city life holds liveliness and limitless adventure, there is a certain coldness to it as well. Surrounded by deterioration and concrete, these adolescents navigate through the most uncensored version of the world. Expressed through images of the individuals themselves as well as rigid symbols of the city setting, this work challenges the viewer to decide whether growing up in the urban landscape builds strength and character, or if it leads to the development of feelings of mental and emotional solitude.


Rachel Fucheck, 26, is among the expansive cycling community in New York City. Using cycling as both a sport and a method of transportation, she competes in races, completes deliveries, and rides for her own enjoyment. Despite the rush riders get from this experience, there is great risk that comes with the sport/hobby. In the NYC cycling community in 2019 especially, there has been much concern over the lack of enforcement for biker safety with an upward of 25 deaths inflicted by cars. Fucheck herself has had two run ins with cars driving in bike lanes, leaving her with a torn meniscus and broken jaw. Brooklyn, NY. 

New York City Brooklyn Cycling
City Cyclers Bike pedal detail photograph


Youth-led climate strike. September 20, 2019. New York, NY. 

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