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Sex work has been an ongoing topic of debate on a social and political level in America. Sometimes seen as a last resort, a desperate situation, or a means of exploitation, it has been condemned by the general public. This project documents the creation of “SUGAR”, a television show in the making about the lives of young sex workers in New York City that is seeking to demolish this perception. As a show, a brand, and a mission to normalize sex work, Sydney Benjamin, Erika Flynn, and Palmar Kelly have created a platform to share and promote their own experiences. After spending a year and a half script writing, producing film reels, selling merchandise, and casting for the show, they were able to begin filming November 2019. “The misconception that bothers me the most is that it’s not a choice… or that women who do sex work are forced into it, or it's their last resort, or that they’re in danger,” says Benjamin. "People say that it's exploitation, but I feel like it’s exploitation to work a job where I’m only getting paid $20/hr; Why would I do that?"

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