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Teaching Artistry: 

Serving as a Resident Teaching Artist through ArtistYear (AmeriCorps), Sam spent two years working in a Title I middle school in Queens, NY. Here she developed the school's first photography program, created original lessons and workshops, and worked with school staff and administration to further integrate the arts into the everyday lives of students. Her mission is to share with others that art can be used to experience joy, express one's identity and emotions, and explore the world around them.


"Who We Are: Humans of Hawtree Creek" 

hcms humans of hawtree banner.jpg

35mm Film

7th Grade Photography Enrichment (2022)

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 23.27.38.png

Food Photography

7th Grade Photography Enrichment (2022)

ky_0674 copy 2.jpg
aly_0205 copy 2.jpg
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